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Boil Water


Facts: Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) has issued a boil water advisory in parts of Seattle.  Residents in the impacted area are asked to boil their water before using it to avoid illness and other health issues. The advisory will remain in effect until sample results from the affected area of the water system confirm that the water is safe to drink.

What to do:

During a boil water advisory:

  • Do not drink tap water that has not been disinfected, use ice or drink beverages made from tap water that has not been disinfected, or eat raw foods rinsed with tap water that has not been disinfected.
  • To disinfect: boil water for one minute. When cool, refrigerate in clean, covered containers.
  • Sealed, bottled water is safe to drink. It is also safe to shower, bathe and wash clothes with regular tap water. Do not let infants or small children drink bath water or suck on washcloths.
  • Stay tuned to the radio, TV and SPU website for updates on emergency information and to find out when the advisory has been lifted and the water is safe to drink.
  • If you know of someone who is unable to understand, see, or hear this message, please tell them about it.

After the boil water advisory is lifted:

  • Flush household pipes and faucets: run cold water faucets for 3 minutes each if they have not been used in the last 24 hours.
  • Flush home automatic ice makers: make three batches of ice cubes and discard all three batches.
  • Drain and refill your hot water heater if the temperature is set below 113 F.
  • Run water softeners through a regeneration cycle.
  • Flush drinking fountains: run continuously for 3 minutes.
  • Flush water coolers: run coolers with direct water connections for 5 minutes.

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