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As giant parade winds down: patience, patience, patience

SEATTLE —  As one of the largest — and most exuberant — parades in Seattle history winds down, Seattle, public safety officials are urging people to continue exercising patience as they head back home.

“Seahawks fans have been their usual well-behaved, patient and loud selves, braving freezing temperatures and treating the team and each other with respect,” said Barb Graff, director of Seattle’s Office of Emergency Management.

“Now, as folks are getting ready to leave for home, we are asking them to remember: it took six or seven hours for everyone to get downtown for the parade; and it will likely take at least that long for transportation systems to return to normal.

“Above all, please be kind out there today,” Graff said. “The 12s keep proving we are all MVPs.”

With an extra 700,000 people in downtown Seattle today, phone and internet traffic is heavy; so Seattle officials ask everyone who can to stay off their phones and computers to help keep 911 lines open.

The amazing 12s can continue to help celebrate Seahawks victory by:

  • Staying calm and patient
  • Limit use of mobile phones and web access so important 911 calls can get through
  • Consider staying downtown and going home later – lots of great restaurants nearby
  • Walk home or to nearby neighborhoods
  • Check on each other

Use the following links to plan your exit from downtown Seattle:
• Seahawks live-stream:
• City of Seattle’s Alerts Blog:
• King County Metro Trip Planner:
• Sound Transit Trip Planner:
• Community Transit:
• More parade questions and answers:
• Hashtag on social media: #Celebrate48

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