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Facts: Authorities have issued an evacuation order for some areas in Seattle. This means you may be asked to leave the area or go to a designated area away from the current hazard.

What to do:

  • When asked to evacuate, do so immediately. Follow recommended routes provided in the evacuation notice. Some routes may have signs posted along roads and highways.
  • Do not take shortcuts, they may be blocked.
  • Take only essential items – medicine, special foods, personal items, baby supplies, clothing, money, and valuable papers.
  • Secure your home before you leave. Lock windows and doors.
  • If possible, make arrangements for someone outside the evacuation area to take care of your pet. Pets may not be allowed in some shelters and should not be allowed to run loose.
  • If you have no means of transportation, ask for help from a neighbor or friend. If pickup points have been established, check to see if they are within walking distance.
  • Stay tuned to the radio for updates on emergency information.
  • If you know of someone who is unable to understand, see, or hear this message, please tell them about it.

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