UPDATE: Fire Risk Forces Seattle City Light to Cut Power in SODO

Seattle City Light crews cut power to about 60 customers in SODO about 7:30 p.m. Thursday after an inspection found a fire risk in privately owned electrical equipment that was damaged by a vehicle on Tuesday.

Damage to the commercial service junction was more severe than first thought so crews were not able to disconnect it for repairs and immediately restore service to other customers. Because the equipment is privately owned, a contractor hired by the owner was making repairs. As soon as the contractor is finished, City Light crews will restore service to the area. The contractor did not provide an estimate for how long the repair would take.

The equipment was damaged Tuesday by a vehicle that hopped a curb and crashed through a steel and cement Bollard before hitting the commercial service junction.

Thursday’s outage was affecting customers along Occidental Avenue between King and Royal Brougham streets.